How to Change the Air Filter on a 2017 Honda Civic

If you’re a Honda Civic owner, you’ll need to replace the air filter on your vehicle regularly. The manufacturer recommends that you change it every 10,000 miles or so. In addition, you should clean the old filter with a rag or a piece of paper and dispose of it properly. To avoid causing your car further damage, you should only use the name-brand air filter that is available in many auto parts stores.

Replace every 10,000 miles

The owner’s manual recommends that you change the air filter in your 2017 Honda Civic every 10,000 miles, or when the car has been driven 30,000 miles. If the filter is dirty, you should replace it sooner. This is especially important if you have an AC system that is set to fresh outside air. The AC will also get dirty faster than if you have it in air recirculation mode.

The 2017 Honda Civic has an engine air filter, which cleans air before it enters the engine. All engines need a healthy supply of air, and any foreign materials can seriously damage your engine. If you want to avoid any engine damage, schedule a multi-point inspection at Hare Honda. Our certified mechanics will perform a free inspection to identify any problems with your vehicle’s engine. Then, replace the filter every 10,000 miles to keep it running at its best.

Changing the air filter is a simple and inexpensive job. A new filter costs around $46.4 and should be replaced every year, or whenever the air filter gets dirty. If you’re handy with tools, you can replace the air filter yourself. Simply open the air filter housing and remove the old filter. Insert the new filter into the housing and replace the cover to seal it. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, you can also watch a YouTube video that shows you the process step-by-step.

Honda Civic Cabin Air Filter

17220-5AA-A00 engine air filter

A clean, healthy air supply is essential for the smooth functioning of the 2017 Honda Civic. The air filter removes harmful particles before they enter the engine. A clogged air filter can damage the engine, causing it to lose power and fuel efficiency. It’s a good idea to replace it regularly, but if you have a hard time finding time, you can also clean it yourself.

In order to protect your vehicle’s engine, always use genuine OEM Honda parts. These parts are manufactured by Honda and have a manufacturer warranty. Genuine Honda parts are much more reliable than generic aftermarket parts, and are much cheaper than other aftermarket or replacement parts. OEM Honda parts ensure the highest quality, and your vehicle will perform like it did when new. When you replace your air filter, you’re restoring it to factory condition, allowing you to enjoy a high-quality, reliable engine.

When you replace your car’s engine air filter, you’re boosting the performance of your car. Genuine Honda Air Filters have a superior design that helps your vehicle perform at its highest potential. The filters are designed to match local conditions, and they improve fuel efficiency. Genuine Honda Air Filters are manufactured by Honda using high-tech materials to maximize performance and airflow. This helps you get the most from your vehicle and its fuel economy.

Trim spoiler, air dam, grille or plastic fascia may be required

In some cases, a spoiler, air dam, grille or the plastic fascia on a 2017 Honda Civic may need to be cut in order to make room for the new filter. Luckily, most parts of these components are inexpensive and easy to install. Depending on the type of air filter you want, you may only need to trim the spoiler or air dam.

Check the engine air filter in your 2017 Honda Civic every 10,000 miles or so. It is important to change this filter before the car runs for a long time. If it is clogged, you may find that the engine will lose power and gas mileage. This will damage the engine and can also cost you money to repair. You should consult the owner’s manual for more information on how to maintain your vehicle.

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